Even without financial support from the father of her two daughters, Mia was doing all right providing for them. She was smart, a good worker and good at juggling a combination of part-time jobs. When her hours were suddenly cut back at both jobs, she was able to get a rent reduction from the New York City Housing Authority, but she still found her income wasn’t enough to make ends meet. An agency referred her to The Bridge Fund and she made a point of being prepared for her interview.

“I went to their office with all my bills and proved to them that I had been making partial payments every month. It meant everything to me to keep Carmina and Sofia in our home.”Mia

While Mia found a full-time job as a school crossing guard with the New York Police Department, she was still at risk for eviction because she couldn’t pay the three months she owed in arrears. That’s when The Bridge Fund stepped in to settle her loan and stabilize her housing. They also assisted her with an intensive budgeting plan so that she was able to successfully manage her finances going forward. Part of her personal recovery story includes enrolling in community college to further her career goal of taking the NYPD officer exam.

“The Bridge Fund was just a blessing to me,” says Mia. “With my rent up-to-date, I can focus on my education and my daughters. This is our future.”Mia

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