Bridge Fund clients are diverse

Bridge Fund clients are diverse

Our clients are culturally diverse

…like our communities

They work as   

Administrative support staff, hotel and restaurant workers, home care attendants, security guards and school employees

They are referred to the programs by

Social service providers, religious organizations, legal service providers, community groups, unions, hospitals and government agencies

They fall behind in their rent because of
  • Uninsured illness or accident
  • Reduction in work hours or wages
  • Loss of a rent-paying roommate
  • Caregiving responsibilities
  • Temporary unemployment
  • Funeral expenses/li>
They have low income, high rents
Westchester   $29,494 average annual income
    $2,458 monthly, of which 48% is spent on rent
New York City   $26,500 average annual income
    $2,208 monthly, of which 38% is spent on rent

Most live in rent-regulated housing which, if lost, is almost impossible to replace.

Children are hurt most by loss of a home
44% of Westchester clients are children
29% of New York City clients are children