Despite a moratorium on evictions, Linda and Matt Boyd were fearing becoming homeless. The couple and their two minor children have lived in their rent-stabilized apartment in Manhattan for more than 10 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else.

They fell behind on their rent obligations when Matt lost his job in the construction field due to the pandemic and then had to wait a while for his unemployment benefits to kick in. He and Linda sought help from The Rising Ground, a non-profit agency that reached out to The Bridge Fund on their behalf. The family was worried because they had already exhausted their savings at the time of their application to The Bridge Fund. The Boyd’s were not accustomed to being behind on their rent payments and did not have enough money for both food and rent. Ironically, Linda worked as a line-order cook at a nearby restaurant, but it would be days before she got paid. Bridge Fund caseworkers recognized that the family was deserving of consideration and that their housing situation would soon be viable. The family would be able to meet their living expenses with Matt’s future unemployment insurance income and Linda’s wages.

Caseworkers also recognized that Matt could benefit greatly from receiving career advisement and other services from our Income Growth Initiative Program. The Bridge Fund, therefore, provided a $936 rent grant and a modest $48 utility grant, plus counseling and monitoring.

Referring to The Bridge Fund, Matt states “This program is great. It gave me peace of mind.” Today, Matt proudly reports that he and his family are safely in their home and managing on their own.

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