Our Lasting Impact

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Our staff provides guidance and expertise
We support anxious clients through the Housing Court process and act as an advocate for clients in securing additional benefits and services.

Bridge Fund financial assistance
Interest-free loans or grants are given to pay rental arrears to keep clients in their affordable housing.
• Average assistance in Westchester is $1,600
• Average assistance in New York City is $1,800

We help clients better manage their finances
• One-on-one budget counseling
• Free, bilingual money management workshops
• Information and referrals to free or low-cost credit counseling agencies to help avoid future housing crises

We serve NYC and Westchester

Loan repayments help neighbors
• Former clients take pride knowing their repayments are used to help others in need
• Repayments are a moral rather than a legal obligation
• 5% of The Bridge Fund annual budget is covered by client repayments

A Bridge Fund loan is a good investment
Housing a family in a public shelter in Westchester costs more than $50,000 annually, and housing a family in a public shelter in New York City costs an estimated $72,000 annually.

A New York City Program
Since 2020, the Income Growth Initiative (IGI) has helped more than 500 unemployed or underemployed New York City clients improve their job and income prospects. Most have, or are on track to complete their training or studies. Several have gone on to find renewed employment or secure promotions in the Human Services, Education or Allied Health fields. Seventy percent of those who have found renewed employment or a promotion report an improved work-life balance, and credit The Bridge Fund for their good fortune.