Where We Stand

In News by Sandra

Issues of racial injustice and Income inequality are dominating the national conversation. So it is important for us to explain where The Bridge Fund stands and what it can do. The mission of The Bridge Fund is to prevent homelessness among the working poor of Westchester and New York City. Our selection of clients is based only on need and whether our type of financial assistance can be helpful. So our client base is diverse. The Bridge Fund’s recent data shows that 70% of our clients are African American; 22% are Hispanic; 6% are Caucasian, and 2% identify as Other.

Housing stability is essential for the well-being of the working poor. But we are also focused on improving the education and work skills of our clients.

Recent events such as the worldwide protests about racial injustice suggest that a critical turning point in dealing with this issue may be at hand. A great effort to lift up those who have been left behind is needed. Hopefully you appreciate that The Bridge Fund does a good deal already, but our organization is going to do even more because we recognize that inequality and injustice create conditions for homelessness. The area that can be most useful is additional education and skills training for our clients which can lead to significantly improving their incomes. Our New York City program has already developed relationships with a major community college and other training programs. Our caseworkers will be providing advice and introductions for our clients and offering scholarships when needed. As always, we appreciate your suggestions for our work.