When 50-year-old Bronx-born Jasmine Williams was looking for a new apartment in 2014, she found one in New Rochelle Public Housing. She and her daughter moved in and, at first, all was well. It was not a bad commute to Jasmine’s job in Harlem as a medical assistant working with patients in a private practice, a job that she loves. Jasmine’s daughter, Tiana, was soon employed by the New Rochelle school system, where she enjoys working with children.

But not too long after moving in, Jasmine started to have health issues. At first occasionally, then regularly. She had to miss work more and more often. It took a while for the doctors to figure out that she had contracted Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease, after being exposed to pathogens in the apartment.

While Jasmine was trying to get a diagnosis and unable to work, she fell behind on her rent. She was ill and frightened. “I didn’t know what was going on,” she remembers, “or how I was going to make it.”

Jasmine turned to The Bridge Fund of Westchester for help and eventually things were sorted out. In the end, her $5,658 arrears were covered by a combination of The Department of Social Services, Legal Services of the Hudson Valley, and The Bridge Fund of Westchester. The Bridge Fund also helped with their move to a new, safe apartment.
Now with the correct diagnosis and treatment, Jasmine is feeling much better. She is extremely happy to be back at work. She says, “Just by the grace of God I was able to go back to work, that’s the good thing.” She and Tiana are settled into the new place, up to date on their rent, and looking forward to being healthy and happy.

“I didn’t know what was going on or how I was going to make it.”

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