About the Founders

Who is this couple? Mild-mannered, classical-music-loving New Yorkers or Fiercest Champions of the Working Poor?

Oscar and Nan Pollock are co-founders of The Bridge Fund of New York Inc which, in its first 28 years, has successfully kept more than 42,000 working poor New York and Westchester individuals in their homes. A graduate of Phillips Exeter and Harvard, Oscar is a director at Ingalls and Snyder where he has spent more than 30 years specializing in investment research and money management. His expertise inspired his passionate involvement in public policy issues in the tax area—a sideline that led to the formation of the Bridge Fund. Co-founder Nan, a Saint Louis native and a graduate of Maryville University, spent 14 years as Merchandising Director of Seventeen Magazine. Her proficiency in special events and marketing continues to inform her active fundraising. Together with a handful of other dedicated businessmen and women, Oscar and Nan have succeeded in proving that homelessness prevention is an ideal field for private sector involvement. For more information about The Bridge Fund, request a complimentary copy of Oscar Pollock’s Neighbors, the story of how The Bridge Fund began. Contact The Bridge Fund or call 646-742-1465.