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Maria Toledo

Director, The Bridge Fund of
New York City

New York City Staff
Left to Right: Melodi Simmons, Jacqueline Nieves, Wendy Ramirez, Rosalie Girau, Maria Toledo, Marta Kaminski and Emma Melendez

Director’s Annual Message

The Climate in New York City

  • More than 129,800 individuals, including over 45,000 children, slept in the municipal shelter system during the 2017 City fiscal year. The cost to taxpayers of maintaining these adults, seniors and children in shelters has been significant.
  • On average, households with minors—12,595 of them in fiscal 2017—remain in the shelter for almost 14 months, despite the fact that one third have a family member that works.
  • The price tag to taxpayers? For families with children, the City spent $171-a-day, or $62,415, for a twelve-month stay in a shelter.

For a fraction of the cost, The Bridge Fund helps hard-working New Yorkers, retirees and veterans hold on to their affordable housing, much of it rent-regulated. We know that our clients do much to make our City great and deserve our help when confronted with such unforeseen emergencies as temporary unemployment, exorbitant medical bills, or the death of a loved one.

To all clients, we provide one or more of the following services:

  1. Compassionate listening
  2. Information and referral
  3. Individual budget counseling
  4. Benefits assessment and advocacy

During 2017, with Bridge Fund interest-free loans, grants, and/or subsidies of $919,497, the program prevented the evictions of 615 client-households, consisting of 1,287 adults, seniors and children. Our average financial assistance? Only $1,495 per family!

With the above case management services only, Bridge Fund case handlers prevented
the evictions of an additional 77 households, consisting of 245 people.

TOTAL ASSISTED: 692 households with 1,532 individuals, including 497 children.

Maria Toledo, Director
The Bridge Fund of New York City

2016 New York City Program Activity Chart