The Bridge Fund of New York City

A Program of The Bridge Fund of New York Inc.

Who we are.

Maria Toledo

Director, The Bridge Fund of
New York City

Gregory Floyd
President, City Employees Union Local 237

Angela Hollis, MBA
President Hollis Group, LLC; Formerly Director of Advancement, New York City Mission Society

Pritpal Kochbar
Property Management

Douglass Seidman
Attorney, The Legal Aid Society

Antonio Garcia
Director of Eviction Prevention and Housing Education, Catholic Charities

Erika Wood
Attorney, New York University Law School

Westchester Staff
Left to Right: Melodi Simmons, Jacqueline Nieves, Wendy Ramirez, Rosalie Girau, Maria Toledo, Marta Kaminski and Emma Melendez

Director’s Annual Message

For a quarter of a century, The Bridge Fund of New York City has prevented homelessness and provided new possibilities for the working poor, retirees and veterans. We have done this by providing brief but intensive services and modest financial assistance to pay rental arrears that threaten eviction.

In the process, we have played a vital role in preserving affordable housing. Most clients of The Bridge Fund of New York City reside in apartments that are subject to New York State’s rent-stabilization law. This law provides essential rent protections to the more than 2 million tenants who reside in the dwindling number of rent-stabilized apartments. The decline of this type of housing is due, in part, to the fact that, under the law, landlords are allowed to increase rents of vacated apartments by 20% or more upon re-letting. Doing this often enables landlords to more quickly meet the rent threshold for deregulation. By keeping client-households in their rent-stabilized apartments, The Bridge Fund preserves the affordability and quantity of such housing for the working poor.

We are proud of our accomplishments during 2016, as shown in the table below. In addition, the program provided one or more services—individual budget counseling, benefits assessment and advocacy, information and referral—to more than 650 clients each month who reached out to us for help. We believe that at least 20% of these service-only clients are in their apartments and homes today thanks to our expert advice.

During 2016 alone, we conducted 31 in-house Money Management Workshops and 16 outside trainings for our referral sources and their clients. We enrolled 1,166 Bridge Fund clients in e-Budgeting, a listserv that enables our Director of Budget Counseling to keep in touch with clients long after our initial intervention. Clients who benefited from our complete package of services are monitored for up to two years. More than 87% are still in their homes today.

A special thanks to our colleagues at the Coalition for the Homeless, Catholic Charities, Community Service Society, Housing Court Answers and the Human Resources Administration.

Maria Toledo, Director
The Bridge Fund of New York City