“With Social Security our only source of income, we watched our budget and had our bank pay our monthly rent of $1,133 directly to our landlord each month as soon as our Social Security check was deposited.”Alice

Croton-on-Hudson residents Glen and Alice went into retirement with their eyes open, finance-wise. But when Glen’s health began to fail, money problems arose: they didn’t anticipate the size of the medical bills or that they’d find themselves with the added stress of possibly losing their apartment. Ever the careful planners, they sought out an organization that would not only arrange to pay their rent but their utilities and medical bills. “We thought switching to a new bill paying system would do the trick, but it was much more complicated than that,” recalls Alice. “Bills weren’t getting paid while we were consumed with making different phone calls to different people and filling out endless forms. It was all so confusing.”

Their rental agent suggested they simplify things by calling The Bridge Fund. In fact, The Bridge Fund helped resolve the debt that arose until the new bill paying system kicked in. “The Bridge Fund set us up with a grant to pay the $1,133 we owed in back rent –what a relief!” says Alice. “We repay The Bridge Fund loan a little bit every month. And we have maintained our independence!”

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