“Carl was let go from his position in sales and I lost my work as a media program coordinator when my employer moved to Florida. To make things worse, I was an independent contractor, which made me ineligible for unemployment benefits.” Angela

As if the first year of marriage isn’t challenging enough, Queens-couple Angela and Carl were both laid off from their jobs shortly after their wedding.

Carl made ends meet at first driving an ambulette and then as a driver delivering roofing materials—a job he got on the recommendation of his church pastor. But an accident with the truck meant Carl had to use their rent money to pay for repairs. Soon Angela and Carl were in housing court. While the Department of Social Services denied them the rental assistance, they did refer the couple to The Bridge Fund. Putting together a plan to resolve the rental arrears and providing big-picture budget counseling, The Bridge Fund caseworker helped them settle with their landlord and plan for the future. Carl remains with the roofing company while Angela takes care of their new baby.

From the get-go, Angela and Carl have been making regular repayments to The Bridge Fund.

“My plan is to earn income as an in-home childcare provider. We’re thrilled our rent is up to date and so grateful to The Bridge Fund that they kept the roof over our head. Now that we’re a family of three, we are stretching every dollar and making it work.”Angela

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