Message from the Chief Executive Officer

Summary of 2016 Bridge Fund Activities and Achievements
The year 2016 has been a very positive one for The Bridge Fund. Our Westchester and New York City programs together prevented homelessness for 1,001 working poor households. Clients are trying to make ends meet as they work at one or more jobs, pay for childcare and utility bills, and, in spite of their hard work, can still be at risk of losing their affordable housing. Bridge Fund clients include seniors on fixed incomes, Holocaust survivors, veterans returning home, employees who have lost wages due to workplace injuries, and parents of vulnerable school children.

Perhaps the most critical aspect of our work is our ability to keep children in their homes to prevent their placement in the shelter systems, living and sleeping in cars, or doubled up with friends or relatives—all the present forms of homelessness.

We stress this every year—children are the innocent and most vulnerable victims of the homelessness crisis. Living under the threat of eviction is emotionally devastating for young children who need stability at home to focus on learning at school. We are committed to doing everything possible to prevent homelessness, particularly where children are concerned. Prevention of homelessness among the working poor is the mission of The Bridge Fund. It has never been more urgent than now.

So let me fill you in on the main results of the past year. Our two programs were able to utilize $1,340,282 of our own funds for financial assistance to clients, and through our unique leverage, as we networked with other agencies to strengthen our impact, we added $1,136,571 for our loan and grant packages. Clients also contributed $813,832 to resolving their housing crises. In total, we mobilized $3,290,685 to stabilize those 1,001 households, consisting of 2,171 people, 707 of whom were children.

Since 1991, our expert staff has stabilized the housing of more than 37,651 working poor individuals, 16,423 of them children, through our innovative model of financial assistance coupled with budget counseling. Recent monitoring shows that 90% of clients receiving our financial assistance are still in their housing one year after our intervention. You can read a few of their stories on pages 7-9 and 15-17, but there are so many more.

Our most sincere thanks for your generous support and encouragement. Please share this Annual Report with your friends, invite them to visit our website and follow us on Facebook.

Barbara Hayes, Chief Executive Officer
The Bridge Fund of New York Inc.

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